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The DWN Story

Dillard, Ware & Nelson was founded based on a history of providing risk management services and advice regarding insurance to businesses, corporations and families beginning in the last century. Mr. Fleet Dillard started an insurance agency in Tappahannock, VA in 1921. He had the foresight to recognize that regardless of the era, personal and business assets need protection. This includes physical assets such as property and machinery as well as the most important assets of a business; its employees. Providing home insurance, life insurance and automobile insurance were all very important for a community and its economic base to survive and a community to prosper. He started his agency out of a concern for the reality that there were not many avenues businesses and individuals could access to purchase risk management expertise and insurance services. Thus, his agency was formed. Over the years, Mr. Dillard’s agency grew and ultimately was merged and he moved on.

However, the legacy of dedication to serving the local community and the Commonwealth of Virginia and its businesses and families have been rebuilt on the cornerstone of trust. Dillard, Ware & Nelson Insurance Services was formed to carry on a legacy with which we continue to build on today. Serving One Client At a Time.

With our historical roots in the Commonwealth of Virginia, we have picked up where Mr. Dillard left off - to provide professional risk management and insurance services to the communities and individuals throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia. In an era of fast moving information and expectations of "we want it now", we have established an insurance service organization that has the ability to function with the most modern risk management techniques combined with the most modern insurance management platforms. In our “Serving One Client At a Time” philosophy, we are not driven by what the publicly traded brokers and agents are attempting to pursue in their mass market drive to assemble huge numbers of “insured’s and clients" and thereby relegating their clients and insured’s to the caverns of voicemail and computers and financial gurus telling them what to do and how to run their businesses. These large agents and brokers use sophisticated algorithms on whom and what qualifies for insurance at the least expense and maximized profit. The concept and reality of assisting clients one-on-one, regardless of the need or size, is virtually impossible for them.

The demands of the shareholders' ever-pressing need to return significant results to Wall Street override the fundamental aspect of why agents and brokers are in the business of insurance to begin with; to serve one client at a time, providing insight and quality service regardless of the size, complexity or need.


Dillard, Ware & Nelson Insurance Services offers a wide selection of insurance coverages to meet your business or personal needs.

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