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Our Approach

At Dillard, Ware & Nelson, we take pride in taking time with our clients to personally understand their needs and to assist in sorting through the complex maze of the ever more sophisticated risk management issues facing individuals, families, businesses and corporations. Most people will not hesitate to spend money on good financial advice to help them manage their financial assets or help them plan for retirement. The world is a dangerous place and there are many, many hazards that can have a material impact on your financial and emotional wellbeing; e.g., hurricanes, windstorms, theft, automobile accidents, unexpected sickness, death, birth, growing families, retirement, long-term care as the aging process unfolds, etc.  It is under this umbrella of exposures and risks that Dillard, Ware & Nelson works with our clients one at a time to help them sort through the maze of hazards and help plan for the future.

Insurance is only one way to transfer your risk, but not the only way. We don’t try to sell you something you don’t need, because the answer to protection doesn’t always involve costs for risk transfer. It can involve behavior modification, or it can involve using a different procedure or approach to how an action is pursued. It can involve a new legal approach to enhance your protection. Often times purchasing insurance is a vital component of an overall strategy to providing peace of mind.

At Dillard, Ware & Nelson, we approach our risk analysis and risk management process in a simple, concise way that will help us to assist you in:

· Indentifying your exposure and hazards

· Selecting the appropriate mechanism to deal with your exposure; be it insurance, be it legal, be it contractually

· Implementing one of the risk transfer mechanisms that best suits your business, family, or enterprise

· Monitoring the results of your decisions and assisting our clients in the optimum risk prevention combining all aspects risk management

Dillard, Ware & Nelson uses a proprietary process derived from many years in the insurance and brokerage industry that allows us to perform a “GAP ANALYSIS”. The gap analysis will help us identify the risks and exposures that clients may have in many areas of their daily living; e.g., working on growing their business, managing a busy household with new members of the family or children that are excited to drive for the first time, all the way through the sale of a business, retirement and the entire life cycle. 


Dillard, Ware & Nelson Insurance Services offers a wide selection of insurance coverages to meet your business or personal needs.

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